Resurrecting Forgotten Performance

...together these three words are the cornerstone of who we are.

At PastPower Innovations, we’re focused on honoring this concept. We develop products for enthusiast & specialty vehicles from the past that have stirred the soul of both our team and our loyal customers. We constantly look for ways to push the envelope – coaxing more from machines long considered to be past their prime.

Our company also understands the need to offer innovative solutions to issues inherent to the care, upkeep, and restoration of vehicles that have a limited aftermarket from which to choose. PastPower Innovations prides itself on delivering products that keep our growing customer base out on the highway making new memories with the cars they cherish.

Starting from the humblest of beginnings, PastPower Innovations is headquartered in East Wenatchee, Washington – nestled in the Columbia River Valley at the base of the Cascade Mountains! With many years of previous experience in designing & manufacturing products for the Z31 Chassis 300ZX, and even more time spent owning and maintaining a number of different specialty enthusiast vehicles – the team at PPI understand that our clients have high expectations.

Not only do we design, develop, and offer our own products, but we sell a carefully curated selection of products from other manufacturers who we feel share our vision. We’ve developed the PastPower Innovations website to offer an easy-to-use, one-stop shopping experience, backed by customer service second-to-none – before, during, and after the transaction.

We don’t just sell things, either! At PPI, we work to advance the cause of the “car-crazed” – by contributing to car shows nationwide, by hosting our own public get-togethers, and by advocating for our car collecting hobby in general. In addition, we are opening a service & performance facility here on our campus to provide repair, installation, and enhancements to customer vehicles.

We also have created a blog section featuring engaging, original content from both PastPower Innovations staffers & guest contributors, as well as shared content that is newsworthy and pertinent to our visitors!

These types of things get lost in the shuffle by larger companies, but it’s a part of truly being a service to our customers.

For all of these reasons, and many, many more – this is why we say that PastPower Innovations has evolved to become a leader in the field of RESURRECTING FORGOTTEN PERFORMANCE.

PastPower Innovations

Proud to continue significantly enhancing the product availability for the Nissan Single-Cam VG Engine Family and the Z31 300ZX – as well as doing the same for other platforms as well!